Necklace C30R
CLIC by Suzanne

Necklace C30R

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A special necklace of two big rectangles diagonally closed together with a magnetic closure in between. This necklace is implemented in matte with the sides red anodized. This gives a beautiful 3D depth effect.

material: aluminium and surgical steel
finishing: matte, partially red anodized
heigth = 50mm
width = 55mm
length necklace = 42cm
closure: magnetic lock in the ornament

A necklace from CLIC is not a traditional jewel. CLIC closes the necklace at the front by clicking two parts together with a unique magnetic closure. The magnets are invisibly processed and with each necklace it is again a surprise how the necklace exactly closes. ‘Find the click … CLIC!’ 

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